Bigg Boss 16 contestant Tina Datta’s controversial life

Tina Datta and Sreejita De (now evicted) were seen together briefly on Bigg Boss 16. Even after years, their differences continue to grow. What viewers might not know is that Tina and Sreejita worked together in Uttaran which ended in 2015. The two had several catfights on the set and that was about who should be credited as the lead actress of the show. Back then, Tina told us, “The show has been running for the last six years, and everyone knows it is about two characters Meethi (Tina Datta) and Tapasya (Rashami Desai). So obviously, it revolves around me.” On the other hand, Sreejita said, “A show cannot run with a single actor. An experienced actor knows that a show can never be shouldered by a single person. Anyone who says that the show is all about them is extremely childish and immature.” Besides, the two also accused each other of unprofessional behaviour.

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