Charu Asopa rubbishes Rajeev Sen’s claims of not allowing him to meet his daughter: If he doesn’t come to see her, what can I do about it?

Charu Asopa has slammed estranged husband Rajeev Sen for claiming that she doesn’t allow him to meet their daughter, Ziana. In a new video she posted, Charu rubbished the allegations and revealed that she has told Rajeev multiple times that he can meet Ziana anytime he wants. But it’s something that he doesn’t wish to tell the world.

Charu began the video by sharing how Rajeev has been skipping the dates for signing the divorce papers. It has led her to cancel her plans of going to her sister’s wedding in her hometown.

The actress said, “Yeh baat papers pe hai jo hum sign karne wale the 30th ko lekin Rajeev as usual…uske pehle jab hum 24th ko milne wale the tab bhi nahi aaye, 30th ko milne wale the sign karne ke liye tab bhi nahi aaye. Now he has said he will come on the 5th. Hopefully woh aa jaye kyunki unki wajah se mein ek taarekh ko apni sagi behen ki shaadi mein jaane wali thi lekin mein nahi ja payi. I cancelled my tickets because he is saying he will come on the 5th.”

She added, “He knows very well that my sister is about to get married on the 8th. That’s why he didn’t come on 30th November and now he is saying he will come on the 5th. I really hope woh 5th ko aa jayein kyunki unki wajah se mene apni behen ki shaadi pe jaana cancel kiya. I think I’d have to go last moment, I don’t even know if I will get the tickets. I have no clue.”

She then clarified how Rajeev has been told by her that he can meet Ziana anytime he wants but he doesn’t come to see her and she can’t do anything about it.

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Charu said, “I want to say that this is on papers, I have told him on messages and face to face, and something his entire family knows that Ziana’s relationships are going to be the same. It’s only mine and Rajeev’s relationship that has ended. I am not separating the two and he can meet her anytime. But he hides this from media and others. He can meet her anytime. Legally he might be able to meet her once a week or thrice or four times in a month but I have told Rajeev that whenever he wants to meet Ziana, he can drop me a message and he can come home. He is her father and has all the right to meet her but if he doesn’t come to meet her then what I can do about it. It’s been a month since we have shifted. He hasn’t come even once.”

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She informed how Ziana is in touch with the rest of Rajeev’s relatives and would be visiting Kolkata soon to meet her grandfather.

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