Child abuse cases happening due to educated parents’ ego: HC | India News

BENGALURU: Child abuse is happening by educated parents and this needs to be tackled differently by bringing in suitable legislation, senior judge of the Karnataka high court, Justice B Veerappa, said on Saturday.
Speaking at the state-level stakeholders’ meet on the implementation of the Pocso Act, Veerappa called for the need for a legislative change so as to consider differently love-affair cases, children’s custody cases involving both the educated parents and those of kids’ sexual abuse. “It’s high time the Unicef and state had a proper legislation to implead the father and mother as accused in a criminal case so that most abuses against children will stop,” he said.
Pointing towards cases pertaining to custody of children being brought before the HC, he said it’s because of the ego of such parents that children are suffering. He said most child abuse is from parents, and because of their ego, educated parents are destroying children’s future. Chief Justice Prasanna B Varale said Pocso Act, a gender-neutral legislation, has been brought in to safeguard children/minors at every stage of judicial proceedings, including at the time of trial through child-friendly courts. The CJ added that in Karnataka, there are 28 exclusive child-friendly courts which are designed in such a way that the victim-children are not re-traumatised. Justice KS Mudagal, chairperson of Juvenile Justice Committee, noted that there has been a glaring rise in the registration of Pocso cases in Karnataka since 2012.

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