ETimes Troll Slayer: Katrina Kaif is far from the ‘buddhi’ and ‘weird’ that trolls want her to be! | Hindi Movie News

Katrina Kaif is dishing out style goals as she steps out for the promotions of her upcoming film ‘Phone Bhoot’. Her fringe is the talk of the town but fans refuse to let the actress be. From judging her beauty standards to calling her ‘plastic’ – netizens are trying to dampen her spirit with harsh words.

ETimes refuses to let such negativity get to Katrina Kaif, or any other Bollywood actress. Take a look at the trolling Kat faced on social media and our replies to the same:

“Sorry to say but Katrina Kaif destroyed her beautiful face completely by taking too much chemicals to look younger… actually she’s looking older and weird.”


We see that you are trying to jar Katrina’s sheen with ‘too much chemicals’ reference. But unless you have a copy of what is allegedly being prescribed to her, we refuse to acknowledge your point. While everyone’s going to age and change, but to assume she has become ‘weird’ from her brief public appearances is being too judgemental.

“#KatrinaKaif fans call her a barbie doll. And they’re right about that, because the amount of plastic surgery pumped in her face is astounding. Why did she do it!”


First things first, Did you know Katrina Kaif is the first Indian actress to have a Barbie Doll modelled on her? Her beauty standards have been globally accepted and literally calling her a ‘platic beauty’ is harsh beyond words. Why not look beyond the looks and respect the actress for what she has achieved?

“She can’t flipping dance !!”


Are you sure about this? Because this is the same actress who delivered ace dance numbers like ‘Chikni Chameli’ and ‘Sheila Ki Jawan’. While you may not favour the choreography but don’t try to steal Katrina’s talent on the dance floor.

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