Every vote cast on Nov 12 will define state’s development journey over next 25 years, says PM Modi in poll-bound Himachal Pradesh | India News

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday addressed a rally in Sundernagar in poll-bound Himachal Pradesh, where he claimed that people of the state had made up their minds to retain the BJP in power.
“The Himachal polls this time are special because the votes cast on November 12 are not just for the coming five years. Every single vote on November 12 will define the state’s development journey for the next 25 years,” Modi said at a poll rally.
Stressing that it was necessary to achieve rapid progress and a stable government in Himachal Pradesh, Modi said, “I am happy that the people of Himachal, its youth, mothers and sisters understand this very well.”
He added that when India celebrates 100 years of independence from the British rule, the state of Himachal Pradesh will also complete 100 years of its formation.
“A few weeks ago, India completed 75 years of independence. When India celebrates 100 years of its independence, closer to that, Himachal Pradesh will also complete 100 years of its formation. Therefore, the next 25 years are going to be very crucial,” he said.
He also trained his guns at the Congress over committing India’s first scam in the defence sector post independence, adding that “making false guarantees is the Congress’ old trick.”
“During its regime, Congress always took commissions in defence deals. It committed scams of thousands of crores,” PM Modi alleged.
The Prime Minister further expressed condolences over the death of India’s first voter Shyam Saran Negi, who died at his residence in Kinnaur district this morning. He was 106 years old.
“When I started from Delhi in the morning, I got to know about the death of Shyam Saran Negi. He had voted more than 30 times in his life,” he said.
He also added that his outlook towards democracy was inspiring.
“Just a few days ago, Negi had cast his vote through postal ballot for the Himachal Pradesh polls. Even before his demise, he discharged his duty,” he said.
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