Exclusive! Shehnaaz Gill on her love for singing: Whenever I’m sad or want to distract myself, music comes to my rescue

She may be focussing on her acting career at the moment, but Shehnaaz Gill always finds time for her first love – music. She says, “I aspired to become a singer. However, destiny had other plans for me and I started my career as a model. Whenever I am sad or want to distract myself, music comes to my rescue. I absolutely love the vibe of recording in a studio. Music
mere liye sukoon hai, it calms me.”

The singer-actress, who shot to fame with Bigg Boss 13, believes in living in the moment. “I don’t plan anything. So, it’s not that I want to explore acting opportunities or sing. I follow my heart. If acting gives me joy, I do that and that’s how it is with music, too. I will always balance both, and singing won’t be on the back burner,” says Shehnaaz, who will make her debut in Bollywood with the Salman Khan-starrer Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan.

Ask her if her understanding of
sur aur taal helps her in acting and she replies, “Music helps me a lot as an actor. If I have to laugh or cry in a scene, I think of a song that fits the mood and enables me to emote easily. It makes the process of acting smooth for me.”

So, what’s closer to her heart — singing or acting? She says both. “It would be like asking me to choose between my left and the right eye. Both are precious. That’s how singing and acting are for me. I can’t compare or choose between the two,” says Shehnaaz, who has been collaborating with singers for singles. She also wishes to explore playback opportunities as well.

She shares, “I want to sing for Bollywood stars and I hope my wish gets fulfilled. Itne sapne poore ho rahe hain toh ye bhi adhoora nahi rahega (smiles).”

Recently, she recorded a single with rapper MC Square (Abhishek Bensla). Talking about it, she says, “It’s a Haryanvi duet written and composed by MC
aur maine Haryanvi touch
diya hai thoda iss mein. It is a mix of rap and singing.”

Though her Hindi does have a Punjabi accent, the actress claims that she can switch accents easily when she takes to the mic. “
Jab main Hindi
mein baat karti hoon tab Punjabi sound
karti hai, but that’s not the case with singing. I understand music and can sing in any language and pick an accent easily,” she sings off.

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