Exclusive – Sumbul Tougeer’s father to Tina Datta’s mom: I apologise for my words, but your daughter has been character-assassinating Sumbul for last 50 days

After the Weekend Ka Vaar episode, my health deteriorated and my younger daughter admitted me to the hospital. I was in the ICU and was unconscious under medication. I was taking Sumbul’s name and hence she contacted the manager and arranged my call with Sumbul inside the Bigg Boss house. This is what my daughter is saying: I can’t recall half of things as I was in an unconscious state. When I saw the episode and the chaos on social media, I asked my younger daughter, she told me everything. That’s why if you see they had to run subtitles on the show since my voice was not clear. I was in an unconscious state and used those words. I don’t want to justify those two words which I used on the show and I want to apologise to Tina Datta’s mother for using such language for her daughter. With folded hands, I apologise. Those words were wrong and should have not been used. (Photo: Instagram)

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