From Charu Asopa to Raqesh Bapat: Celebs who have been single after their failed marriage

Charu Asopa had been quite vocal about her ugly split with Rajeev Sen and many a time the couple went on a break and were together only because of their daughter Ziana. Charu spoke about her failed marriage lately and also said that did try to make this marriage work. However, Rajeev recently stated on his vlog that he is still in contact with Charu and keeps sending her nice messages to make her believe that he is there for her. Many people wondered if everything was back to normal.

BT recently got in touch with Charu and asked her about it: “For the past week, he has been sending me messages like ‘good morning’, ‘have a good day’ and ‘good night’. I send him polite replies. Before that, we communicated regarding our legal proceedings. So, it seemed weird. I was surprised by the suddenness of the situation and had a feeling that something was brewing. Only now did I get to know why he was sending me those messages. It is basically to get something on me to talk about. He has realised that his normal vlogs don’t fetch him views. But the minute he talks about Ziana and me, the numbers shoot up. I don’t know what he is thinking or saying. You trouble someone and when she shares her problems, you accuse her of playing the victim card for sympathy.”

Charu further said “I don’t intend to waste a minute on this. I want to move on for my daughter and myself. Only if I move on will I be able to focus completely on her. We want to part ways amicably. We along with our lawyers are meeting on November 30. I hope he comes.”

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