Ganesh, Lakshmi pictures on currency notes: Arvind Kejriwal writes to PM Modi | India News

NEW DELHI: Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal has written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi requesting him to put pictures of lord Ganesha and goddess Lakshmi on currency notes for economic prosperity of the country.
“It is the desire of 13o crore countrymen that there should be picture of Mahatma Gandhi on one side and of Ganesh and Lakshmi on the other side. The country’s economy is in a very bad condition. Even after 75 years of Independence, India is counted among the poor nations. There are so many people still poor in our country. Why?” Kejriwal said in his letter to the PM.
While we need to work hard, we also need the blessings of gods to fructify our work. A confluence of right policy, hard work and god’s blessings will put our nation on the path of progress, the Delhi CM said in his letter.

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