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SHARM EL-SHEIKH: Global ca- rbon emissions in 2022 remain at record levels with no signs of reduction and if the current levels persist, there is now a 50% chance that global warming of 1.5°C will be exceeded in nine years, said a Global Carbon Project report. The global average temperature has already reached 1.15°C above the pre-industrial (1850-1900 average) level.
The report, released on Thursday, noted that the global fossil CO2 emissions are projected to rise 1% this year, compared to 2021, slightly above the 2019 pre-Covid levels. The picture among major emitters is mixed. While emissions are projected to fall in China (0.9%) and the European Union (0.8%), it’s projected to increase in the US (1.5%) and India (6%) this year compared to 2021.
India’s per capita emission, however, continues to be quite low as compared to other current big emitters like US, China and EU27.
“At the current rate, in less than 10 years the world could blow through its chances of staying within 1.5°C of global warming. More than half of this damage was done before 1990 when economies like India started to develop. Even now, India’s emissions are rising from a low base compared to other large economies, and the average Indian’s emissions are a fraction of the European or American,” said Ulka Kelkar, director of climate programme, World Resources Institute, India.
“Going forward, India is fortunate to have abundant renewable energy to fuel its growth, but needs timely finance to build the infrastructure to store and transmit this energy. Adoption of clean technologies by India will not just cut carbon but can also prevent millions of premature deaths due to air pollution,” she said.
The new report projects total global CO2 emissions of 40.6 billion tonnes (GtCO2) in 2022 which is close to the 40.9 GtCO2 in 2019, which is the highest annual total ever.

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