Here’s how Shivani Jadhav celebrated her birthday, and she had a selfish agenda! Read on

In a world of the rat race, how often do we pause to appreciate all the milestones we have achieved? Well, that’s precisely what our beautiful queen Shivani Jadhav did for her birthday.

Shivani, an engineer by profession, stepped into the world of pageants and, following a tough fight, was crowned Femina Miss Grand India 2019. Bagging hearts with her international stint Shivani returned to try her luck in the entertainment industry. While we know the list of aspirants to be an actor is the longest, the beauty kept working hard with ample patience and is finally awaiting the release of her Bollywood debut.

On her special day this year, Shivani celebrated it in a not-so-usual way and distributed 40 burgers to the much less fortunate. “I’ve been meaning to do this on my birthday for a long time now, but that never happened until this year. I told all of them that it was my birthday, and no kidding, they all smiled.. when we do something for someone without anything, nothing at all in return, it just makes you feel so so special..”

With each smile she received, the queen proceeded on her task that took over two hours, but nothing could dim her light today as she had a selfish agenda. “This affair lasted for more than 2 hours in the evening. I obviously couldn’t record everything, and I usually don’t document when I do something like this, but this time I thought, ‘why not?’.. what’s the use of having so manyyy followers? Even if this inspires one of you all, I’ll be so so grateful. Also, thank you, @mamta_mitali, for inspiring me in doing this. ❤️Do something for someone once in a while, and believe me, those smiles are going to make you feel like you’re on top of the world. (There’s this selfish agenda),” she concluded.

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