India’s moment on world stage has truly arrived: Times MD Vineet Jain | India News

NEW DELHI: “Today, we are at the dawn of a new era. From ‘under-developed’ to ‘developing’ to ‘emerging’ — India has had many tags attached to it through the decades. But as the G20 summit in Bali so clearly established, India’s moment on the world stage has truly arrived,” Times Group managing director Vineet Jain said on Thursday.
Delivering the welcome address at the Times Now Summit 2022, Jain recalled PM Narendra Modi’s words to Russia’s President Putin in September —“The era of war is over, let’s talk peace” — and said, “In the days that followed, his (the PM’s) words resonated through the global leadership. His pivotal role was publicly acknowledged by a majority of UN Security Council’s permanent members. And now, they have been adopted by consensus in the Bali Declaration. In a fractured world, he has emerged as a statesman who has the ears of both Washington DC and Moscow.”

Jain said, “Even as India takes centrestage politically and diplomatically, it has been racing up the economic pecking order, too. In a karmic twist, it recently overtook the United Kingdom – its former colonial ruler — to become the world’s fifth largest economy. It is set to overtake Germany and Japan to become one of the world’s top three economies in the next few years.” After listing a slew of other records on the business and investments front, Jain said, “At a time when some of the biggest economies are staring at a recession, India remains a high-growth bright spot on the global map.” “The most important aspect of the rise of a New India,” the Times Group MD said, “is that it’s being driven not just by the mind, but equally, by the heart — by hriday.

If proof were required of this, it comes in the form of the Centre’s food subsidy expenditure — which is set to cross Rs 3 lakh crore. That’s primarily because of the free foodgrains scheme under the PM Garib Kalyan Ann Yojana.” Jain acknowledged the “formidable challenges” that the nation faces — “foremost among them is the fact that we are in a hostile neighbourhood. There are many who would like to block our progress towards peace and stability.” But, as the Prime Minister and home minister had “demonstrated time and again – while India does not seek conflict, it will not compromise on the safety and security of Indian citizens,” Jain added.

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