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UDUPI: An assistant professor of a Karnataka college has been debarred from taking classes, after a video showing a student arguing with the professor in a classroom, for allegedly calling him by the name of a terrorist, went viral.
In a tweet on Monday, the college authorities stated that “the concerned staff has been debarred from classes till the inquiry is over”.

Manipal University student

In the viral video, an engineering student is seen questioning his professor. The professor is also heard apologizing to the student.
In a tweet, the institute stated that the institute has already initiated an inquiry into the incident.
“We would like everyone to know that the institute does not condone this kind of behaviour and this isolated incident will be dealt with in accordance with the laid down policy. The Institute prides itself on one of the biggest diversity on campus and is committed to uphold our constitutional values of treating everyone alike, irrespective of their caste, religion, region, gender etc.,” the institute stated in its tweet.
In the video, the professor is seen trying to pacify the student, but the latter counters by saying, “being a Muslim in this country and facing all these every day is not funny. Will you talk to your son like that? Will you call him by the name of a terrorist? How can you call me like that in front of so many people? You can’t call me that”.
A message purportedly shared by the student after the incident reads: “Hello everyone, All of you must have seen a video going viral where a student is telling his teacher that racist comments are not acceptable. The reason behind this was him calling me by an unacceptable name, “Kasab”, one of the biggest terrorists this country has ever seen. It was a joke, which can not be considered a valid enough reason to question the identity of a human being. However, I had a conversation with the lecturer and realized that he genuinely meant that apology, and we as a student community must let it go as a genuine mistake. I understand what was happening in his head behind this and would like to believe he didn’t mean it. It came across wrong from a teacher, a person we admire, but it can be ignored this time. Thank you for standing with me through this. It means a lot. Regards”.

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