Man gives cell phone for repair, loses Rs 2 lakh from bank | India News

A Sakinaka resident (40) lost Rs 2.2 lakh to an employee of a mobile phone repairing store where he had given his handset. Pankaj Kadam told police the employee accessed his banking app, broke his fixed deposits and transferred the sum. Sakinaka police have registered an FIR.
Kadam, a freelancer, said when the speaker of his phone developed an issue on October 7, he went to a local phone repair store. The employee told him to keep his SIM card inside the phone. Kadam was supposed to collect the handset the next evening. But when he went to the store on October 8, it was shut. The store was shut on October 9 and 10 too.
Kadam used to visit it daily as he needed his phone for work. On October 11, the store was open but manned by another employee. Kadam asked for his phone and SIM card but the employee gave him excuses. Sensing something amiss, Kadam approached a friend and used his banking app. Kadam logged into his account and was horrified that his fixed deposits of up to Rs2.2 lakh had been broken and the amount transferred to someone else’s account. On October 14, Kadam approached Sakinaka police.

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