Manasa Varanasi is now MakeSoil’s Ambassador to India!

Former Miss India Manasa Varanasi has begun her journey to do her bit to save the planet and has hence joined forces with MakeSoil – the global terraforming initiative.

Taking to Instagram to announce the news, Manasa wrote, “Rooted in curiosity and purpose as I team up with @makesoil to regenerate the planet! 🌏 The truth is that much of the food, nutrients we take from the soil gets wasted in landfills. Nature has a loving cycle of nourishment, and we’re breaking it. But we can change this. By the simple act of converting our food waste to living soil, we bring meaning to living.”

In a video post, Manasa is seen interacting with the founder of MakeSoil, Mr. Josh Whitton and the latter made sure to impart her newfound knowledge to make soil with her fans and followers. With her role as MakeSoil’s Ambassador to India, Manasa opened up on what inspired her to lend her voice to the initiative. “For as long as I can remember. I’ve been super curious about the planet, and I love exploring new ways in which I can be of service and connect with the deeper world around me. So here’s how I’m saving the planet; I had to say, Let’s team up,” she said and further conveyed her learning experience. Manasa added, “Almost all the food that we eat today, all the nutrients that we take from the soil. They not only end up getting wasted, but they end up in landfills, where they’re converted to methane and other greenhouse gases. And this is incredibly wrong for the food system. Almost all the food that we eat is so heavily reliant on pesticides and fertilizers, and this is just wrong; it needs to change; we need healthy soil. In fact, over the past couple of months, I’ve been composting myself, and I’ve been seeing every banana peel, every teabag, and countless other items left over from my meals being converted into living soil, and this has been incredibly powerful.”

The stunning queen has always shown true passion towards all her social initiatives, and once again, the queen stresses the need to have more soil sites in India. “I started learning a few months ago, and I can personally tell you firsthand that this is super possible, very doable, and I really hope that more and more of you join in with me in this movement if you are somebody who already composts, then great. Please share your gift, become a soil maker, and add your soil site to the Make Soil website. But if you don’t yet know how to, that’s absolutely fine, you can visit the website anyway, and we’re all here to learn,” she concluded.

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