Mosquito menace on Mumbai-Indore IndiGo flight | India News

MUMBAI: Passengers of Monday evening’s IndiGo flight from Mumbai to Indore had a worrying start to their journey with quite a few mosquitoes buzzing around inside the aircraft.
“After the aircraft door was closed and being readied for departure, we saw mosquitoes, about 25-30 of them inside the passenger cabin. A number of passengers pointed it out to the flight attendants, while others expressed concerns and strong displeasure,” said a passenger on flight 6E-225.
“The flight attendants went about putting blue mosquito-repellent stickers across the overhead bins and handed the stickers to passengers as well to put it near their seats,” the passenger said. “With a number of dengue cases in Mumbai, it was worrying to find so many mosquitoes in the cabin. The airline should have taken precautions,” the flyer said, sharing photographs of the cabin.

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