My friends in BJP were happy when I went to jail: Sanjay Raut | Mumbai News

MUMBAI: While comparing Rahul Gandhi‘s “care” with BJP’s “Mughal era politics”, Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut on Monday said, “I have friends in BJP as well but they were happy when I was in jail.
Raut said Rahul Gandhi called and checked on him despite his busy schedule amid Bharat Jodo Yatra.

Raut expressed his appreciation towards Rahul Gandhi and tweeted, “In spite of strong differences of opinion on some issues, inquiring on your political colleague is a sign of humanity? During his busy schedules of BJY, Rahulji Gandhi called yesterday to inquire about my health.”
“We were worried for you,” Gandhi told Raut, who was released on bail last week after spending around 110 days in jail.
The Sena (UBT) leader observed that “in times of political bitterness, such gestures are becoming rare”, referring to the current scenario that has caused concerns among all sections of the polity.
“I appreciate his empathy of feeling the pain of a political colleague who has spent 110 days in jail,” acknowledged Raut, and pointed out – barring the leaders Sena (UBT) or allies like Congress and Nationalist Congress Party – “how many of the others even bothered to ask think of me or ask about my family when I was in jail on a false case”.
He said that since “Rahulji is focussing on love and compassion in his BJY? Its’ getting a massive response”, with thousands of people, including elderly men and women, youth and others flocking to meet him en route the march every day.
Soon after his release on bail, Raut had expressed inability to join the BJY owing to health conditions, though the Sena (UBT)’s senior leaders like Aditya Thackeray and Ambadas Danve and others joined Gandhi in Nanded, walking with him on November 11.
“Rahul Gandhi is one such person who stays connected as friends against ideological and political differences. I have friends in BJP as well but they were happy when I was in jail, this is politics of Mughal era.”
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