PM Modi seeks G20 leaders’ pledge on giving all access to tech | India News

Addressing a G20 meeting on digital transformation, PM Narendra Modi called for digital access that is truly inclusive, saying it’s the responsibility of G20 leaders to ensure that the benefits of digital transformation are not confined to a small part of the human race.
Modi also sought a pledge by G20 leaders to work for bringing digital transformation into the life of every human being in the next 10 years. The PM said the principle of “data for development” will be an integral part of overall theme of India’s upcoming G20 presidency.
On India’s own digital transformation, he said the country has developed digital public goods whose basic architecture has in-built democratic principles, but rued that citizens of most developing countries do not have any kind of “digital identity”. Modi said over 40% of the world’s real-time payment transactions took place through UPI last year. “Similarly, we opened 460 million new bank accounts on the basis of digital identity, making India a global leader in financial inclusion today,” he said. TNN

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