Rishab Shetty after ‘Kantara’: God knows what I will make next – Exclusive | Kannada Movie News

Kantara has catapulted its hero, writer, director Rishab Shetty to the crest of superstardom. He remains completely unaffected by the hype surrounding his film and his presence in it.

“I am still the same. I eat the same ordinary food, wear the same clothes. Kantara was not planned as a blockbuster. There was a story to be told, and my team and I wanted to tell that story to the audience. I don’t know how it happened. It was divine intervention. The one thing that I can tell you is that we made the film with the sincerity, dedication and religiosity that it deserved. I fasted while shooting,” says Rishab.

How does he handle the sudden surge in his popularity? He reveals, “I don’t. It is God’s hands that guided us through the shooting. He will decide what I will make next.”

Rishab plans no celebration for the success of Kantara. “The film is the celebration,” he says simply.

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