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After cracking the Shraddha Walker murder case in the city, the Delhi Police is deciding its further course of action which include scanning accused Aftab’s social media accounts and reaching out to his friends. Here’s the full coverage:
Inside details of Shraddha Walkar murder case
Aaftab Ameen Poonawala, a 28-year-old food blogger from Mumbai, was arrested on November 11 by Delhi Police for allegedly killing his live-in partner Shraddha Walkar at their flat in Chhatarpur area on May 18. Read what we know so far about the case.
What goes on inside the mind of a murderer
Killers don’t necessarily always look monstrous or appear to be freaks at first glance. They exist in the same world that everyone inhabits, quietly nursing a grudge against their victim and later committing a crime which could either be premeditated or out of sudden aggressive emotion, say psychologists when asked about the mental correlation with such criminality.
Choking Shraddha was easy, disposing of body wasn’t, says Aftab Poonawala
Deciding that his best option was to get rid of the body in parts, literally, he searched the internet for help. His favourite TV show, Dexter, helped him plan disposal meticulously.
Love, betrayal and a chilling fallout
The cops are still looking for the body parts and have found only about 14 of those which will be examined by forensic officials and sent for a DNA match.
Delhi murder case: ‘Look at profile pic, can anyone say I’m evil’
Police have started examining the murderer’s social media accounts believing it will help them in conducting a psychoanalytic profile that can then be part of the chargesheet. The attention of the cops had drawn to a Facebook post in which Poonawala apparently wrote: “ Look at that profile pic, can anyone say I am evil?” The post is from 2010.
Shraddha murder case: Forget I am your daughter, she had said & left home
When the family opposed Shraddha’s decision, “she told us that she was 25 years old and had the right to take decisions pertaining to her life”, the father said. Then saying she was no longer their daughter, the girl left the house.
Shraddha murder case: Reserved by nature, he ‘never got in fight’, say family & friends
Friends and family refuse to believe Aaftab’s involvement in the gruesome murder of his live-in partner, Shraddha Walkar (26). “Aaftab is reserved by nature. He was confused about what to do in life and that was worrying his father. But it is difficult to believe that he committed a gruesome murder,” said a family friend.
Man chops live-in partner into 35 pieces, dumps them in Delh forest
Delhi police have arrested a man for allegedly killing his live-in partner, chopping her body into 35 pieces, and dumping them at various locations in Delhi. The accused was sent to 5-day police custody by a local court on Monday.

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