Urfi Javed NOT reuniting with ex-BF Paras Kalnawat: “He was at my birthday party but…” – Exclusive

The pictures of Paras Kalnawat at Urfi Javed’s birthday party a few days ago, triggered speculation if Paras and Urfi have kissed and made up. This was the first time that Paras and Urfi had been spotted together after their ugly break-up some months ago. Eyebrows rose and whispers circulated.

Rewind: Urfi and Paras had first met on the sets of ‘Meri Durga’ of which both were a part. Sparks flew but got extinguished a bit too early. Urfi spoke about Paras in our popular show Telly Stars talk. She said that it was nothing but a childhood mistake. “I wanted to break up with him one month after we got together. He was a kid. He was very possessive. He tried to woo me again by having 3 tattoos of my name, but who does that after one has parted ways? Surely, I wasn’t going back to him just for the tattoos. Even if he had tattoos of my name all over his body, I wouldn’t have.”


Coming back to the present: No, nothing of that sort. Urfi did reach out to Javed, she tells ETimes TV, to invite him to her bash- but they haven’t got back to being a couple.

“We are cordial with each other now. I invited him for my birthday. We have put our past behind us. We are just friends now,” Urfi added, when contacted by us, two days ago.

Not too long ago, Paras was in the headlines because of his exit from ‘Anupamaa’. He had given us a long, detailed interview about it. Click on the video below if you haven’t seen it yet.

For those who’ve come in late, Urfi had even claimed that Paras had made sure that she does not get cast in ‘Anupamaa’. She had said in our same interview, “He won’t work with me. We were supposed to work in ‘Anupamaa’ together. He asked the team to not cast me. His girlfriend, present or ex or whatever, doesn’t want us to work together. So kiddish!”

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