Vaishali Takkar suicide: Shocked family and friends reveal how ex-boyfriend Rahul harassed and threatened her

Vaishali played Nishant’s on-screen wife in Rakshabandhan. The actor revealed in his recent interview with ETimes TV that since they spent a lot of time together, they shared everything about their personal lives with each other. Nishant knew a lot about Rahul (the prime accused in the suicide case) too. He told us, “I knew about Rahul who was harassing her. I know a lot of things in depth. She always shared and confided in me. It is my duty to not leak her personal life with anyone else. But, now when I am hearing that because of him, Vaishali has taken step, I will will fight against him and stand by my friend. If anyone asks me, I am going to tell everything in detail and help the investigation.”

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