Viral video: Tesla Model Y goes out of control in China and kills two

A viral video showing a Tesla Model Y electric car that lost control on a busy street has gone viral on social media. The incident reportedly took place in the southern province of China’s Guangdong. Reports suggest that the Model Y started malfunctioning after the driver tried to park, the EV’s parking button did not work, instead it started accelerating and the brakes allegedly stopped working. The incident occurred on November 5 and two people have been reported killed.

In CCTV footage captured from the spot, the Model Y can be seen slowing down for a parking manoeuvre before suddenly picking up pace and flying down the street. The car can be seen nearly missing several pedestrians and vehicles before hitting a cyclist and crashing into a three-wheeler and building. As per reports, a motorcyclist and a high school girl were killed in the accident.
The driver has alleged that the brakes of the Model Y were unresponsive at the time and the police in China are investigating the matter. Meanwhile, as per a Reuters report, Tesla claims that its data shows that no brake input was recorded during the accident. Police are currently seeking a third-party appraisal of the accident and the matter is under investigation.


Should EVs have provisions for a manual override if faced with such a situation? What are your thoughts, tell us in the comments.

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