Watch: Rudrapur man pays Rs 50,000 in Rs 10 coins for a TVS Jupiter scooter!

A young man from Uttarakhand’s Rudrapur collected Rs 50,000 in coins before heading over to his local TVS dealer to buy a scooter. A video of the man waiting for the showroom staff to complete counting his payment has surfaced on social media. In the video, the staff can be seen counting Rs 50,000 in Rs 10 coins, that the man had brought with him as payment for a brand new TVS Jupiter scooter.

Rudrapur man pays Rs 50,000 in Rs 10 coins for a TVS Jupiter scooter | TOI Auto

The TVS Jupiter is a 110 cc, single-cylinder scooter that features the company’s Ecothrust Fuel-Injection technology and makes 7.4 hp and 8.4 Nm torque. While the man confirmed to the person making the video, that he has brought Rs 50,000 as payment, the Jupiter’s standard variant with sheet metal wheels and drum brakes costs Rs 85,210 on road in Rudrapur. Details of how the man made the rest of his payment are unknown.


This isn’t the first time a person has decided to buy their two-wheeler of choice using saved up coins. Earlier in March 2022, 29-year-old V Boopathi from Tamil Nadu also paid Rs 2.6 lakh in Rs 1 coins for a Bajaj Dominar 400. It took the showroom 10 hours to count his payment in coins. Boopathi had saved the money for more than three years.

29-year-old V Boopathi, from Tamil Nadu

29-year-old V Boopathi, from Tamil Nadu

Before Boopathi, another man from Assam bought his scooter after paying Rs 22,000 in coins as a downpayment in February 2022. That makes three such incidents in 2022 alone. Needless to say, if this trend catches on, then showrooms would have a hard time conducting business.
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