WATCH: When Sachin Tendulkar helped ‘Pele’ with ‘catch’ on Goa beach | Off the field News

PANAJI: Batting legend Sachin Tendulkar on Tuesday released a video where he is seen helping a fisherman bring in his catch and later dining at his restaurant.
It showed Tendulkar interacting with a fisherman named Pele at Caranzalem beach, discussing the traditional way of fishing.
Tendulkar was also seen helping the fisherman pull out his canoe from the sea.
“I and my brother have been continuing with this work. I want our generation to keep on with this work,” Pele told the master batter, requesting him to support the traditional fishermen community.
People enjoy seafood in Goa but nobody realizes how much trouble it is to catch it, Tendulkar said.

“Kya experience hai yeh (what an experience this is), unbelievable. First time dekha hai (seeing for the first time) fishermen are taking the boat inside, how much trouble they take,” he said.
Pele looked overwhelmed as he asked Tendulkar to join him for lunch.
“I am the happiest man on this earth. World number one cricket guy is helping traditional fisherman. God bless your family, I am very rich today,” he said.
Later, Tendulkar, along with his son Arjun, was seen enjoying fish at Pele’s beach-side restaurant.
“Catch of the day, catches win matches,” Tendulkar is heard saying in the video.

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