Why is cognitive health important for drivers? Know how brain works during driving

“Safe driving requires the ability to concentrate, to divide attention between multiple sensory events across visual and auditory modalities, and to make fast cognitive decisions in a complex and rapidly changing environment,” as per a research study.

Four lobes–occipital, temporal, parietal, and frontal–work together when one is driving.

The occipital and temporal lobes process the images coming in through the eyes and help you recognise if the vehicle is a car or a bicycle.

The occipital and parietal lobes estimate the speed of the vehicles. It gives you the ability to make a rough calculation on where the vehicle will be in the next few seconds.

The parietal lobes and the temporal lobes keep you alert to the horns. It also keeps you aware of the dangers on the road.

Frontal lobes regulate your speed ability and other navigation aspects as well.

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